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About Sleeping Dogs Studio...



Our Products and Our Namesake

Don & Carolyn Madvig founded Sleeping Dogs Studio in 1995 in the pursuit of a new way of making handmade home decor items, including the items represented here. 

We pride ourselves upon the fact that every product is one-of-a-kind, and is made one-at-a-time by us in our studio. All of our products are designed to be:

* FUNCTIONAL - we hope you use ALL of the items you love in your life every day. Our products are meant to live with you, and touch you along the way...

* BEAUTIFUL - we believe that while beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, our artwork is designed to be colorful, fun, and make you feel optimistic with each use - and what's more beautiful than that!?

* AFFORDABLE - We are committed to ensuring that our price point remains competitive. This is a fact of which we are immensely proud, as art should be enjoyed by everyone.

Given that we have had a number of studio dogs through the 23 years we've been in business, our name came about very naturally, as did our philanthropic support of animal welfare. Finn, our Great Pyrenees, and current canine resident is a vital addition to our work, and has even appeared in our canine cards.


Who We Are & What We Believe:

Over the last 23 years, we have had the great good fortune to sell our products in as many as 100 US and Canadian retail outlets. Store sales were our primary effort, and we realized how much we missed the contact with our customers.

This fact is likely based upon the fact that our goal was relatively emotional - namely, to share the joy of creativity through our handmade products. Our artwork is meant to evoke a feeling - seeing the beauty of a lovely item; and from that knowing remembering the giver; feeling encouraged; letting laughter loose; or remembering the love of that a product represents. 

We are extremely grateful that the two of us get to make art together, and provide assistance to some of the most deserving recipients anywhere - the animal welfare community. That support came about from the fact that we have had five studio dogs altogether (sometimes more than one at once), including the biggest, floofiest, and most current resident, always smiling Finn (above).